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As part of my role as UI/UX Engineer at WANdisco, I was responsible for the UX and UI design of the company’s flagship enterprise Big Data application (now known as Hadoop Fusion).

I implemented low-­fidelity wireframes through to responsive prototypes for approval by key stakeholders. I then was a major contributor to the front-end development of the AngularJS-based UI.

NSNN allows administrators of large Big Data installations to manage distinct HDFS systems as one global unit. The challenge was translating highly complex distributing computing requirements into a simple and useable design.

The ‘Memberships’ feature of the application is worth highlighting. This requires each membership (a group of nodes – or servers – with specifications as to each node‘s role in the distributed file system) and the related schedule events to be styled a unique colour.

From a coding perspective, I first wrote the AngularJS service that retrieves the arrays of memberships and schedule events from the API, followed by the AngularJS controller that manipulates this data in a variety of ways, and the HTML views that iterate through the data. Finally, I coded a nested loop in Less that compiles to generate 40 unique class names, each referencing a unique colour – I did this by iterating through 10 colours using the first loop and the Less ‘spin’ function, and then using the parent loop to desaturate them gradually over the following 30 classes.

Technology used

AngularJS - Bower - D3 - Grunt - HTML - JavaScript - LESS

Responsible for

UI/UX Design - Development